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Top goldendoodle breeder specializing in tuxedo goldendoodles and abstract markings.


My name is Tasia, and this is my amazing family that help me, they are very involved and I could not do it without them.  Raising and training our dogs and puppies is my passion, my full time job and something I take very seriously.  I pour my whole heart into it.  I am experienced in what I do with over thirteen years experience.  I am passionate about responsible breeding, raising and training of puppies and educating and preparing my puppy families.


To create perfect family companion dogs that are prepared for long-term success in their new homes and families

What Makes Our Puppies Pawsitively Perfect

Perfect Health

Puppies come from health tested parents.  Our parent dogs receive genetic health testing, coat trait testing, color testing and OFA health testing which helps ensure the health of our puppies. Puppies will be examined by our vet prior to going home & families will receive certification that they are healthy & free from any evidence of infectious disease or abnormalities.  Puppies will be up to date on vaccinations and treatment for internal parasites and they come with a written two-year health guarantee.

Perfect Temperament 

All dogs are different, not just in appearance but in personality, part of their personality comes from the way they are raised and trained and part from genetics. Our parent dogs have sound, friendly, confident, and mellow personalities they are perfect family companions, these traits are passed on to their puppies.  We work extensively on training our puppies during the eight weeks we have them to lay the foundation for a smart, friendly, well socialized companion.

Perfect Looks

Lets be honest, beautiful parents make beautiful puppies.  I am extremely picky on the look of my parent dogs as well as their confirmation.  They come from amazing pedigree, they are balanced in size and structure, have excellent coats and the teddy bear look.  I have spent countless hours researching and learning the genetics involved in breeding and I understand the genetics necessary to ensure our doodles have the true doodle look and have desirable looks and coats. 


Intentional Raising & Training

We are a small in-home breeder, our dogs are our family and puppies are raised as part of our family.  Puppies receive one-on-one socialization and training from the day they are born until they day they leave us.  We are intentional in our training, incorporating the best programs and methods including Puppy Culture, Early Neurological Stimulation, Rules of 7 for Socialization as well as our own socialization program we have developed over years of doing this.  While an 8 week old puppy isn’t capable of being fully trained we do our best to start them off right by beginning crate training, potty training, command training and basic manners to help make the transition into their forever home easier for them and their new families.

Preparing Families

We are deeply committed to the long-term success of each of our puppies.  We believe that this is best accomplished not only by the work we do in raising and training our puppies but by also preparing, educating and helping our puppy families be prepared for the commitment of having a new companion. We provide all our families with detailed training tips we have worked on with the help of professional trainers to develop.   I believe that training is most often about training the new puppy owner on what to do and how to do it and not as much about the actual training of the puppy so long as the puppy.

Community & Support

When you get a puppy from us you are joining our puppy family and community of other puppy owners.  We are committed to providing a lifetime of support to our families, we are here to answer questions, offer advice and training tips and anything else we can do to help ensure the success of our puppies in your home. We have created many lasting friendships with our previous puppy owners and I can assure you there is nothing we love more than receiving updates and photos of our puppies.