Applications now open for the puppies show on our available puppies page found here, we are not accepting applications for future litters at this time.

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Puppy Application
Have you ever owned a dog before?

Thanks for submitting your application if we beleive you would be a good fit for one of the puppies you applied for we will call you for a phone interview typically within 24-48 hours.   If you are not selected for one of these puppies please apply again, we will have lots more puppies available throughout the year we would love to have you become a part of the Pawsitively Perfect Doodle Family!

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Petite Multi Generational Goldendoodle-

Charted adult weight 17-19 lbs

August 13-14th go home dates

Parents Macy (18lbs) x Ridge (17lbs)

Cola has always been an adventurer since the start, always the first to figure things out and try new things.  He is confident and happy go lucky. He is convinced everyone is his best friend.

He is more on the chill rather than playful side.  He adores kids, he is naturally drawn to them and does great with other dogs and littermates.

I would love to see him in an active and outgoing family but he would also be down to be your Netflix and chill buddy.  Looking for his best friend, he is wicked smart and eager to please.

He is unique in that he has brown nose and points and green eyes!

Adoption Fee:

Cola has found his family!

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Mini Multi Gen Goldendoodle-

Charted adult weight 18-21 lbs

August 13-14th go home dates

Parents Macy (18lbs) x Ridge (17lbs)

JR is a lover boy, he is friendly, happy go lucky and he wants nothing more than to make you happy, he aims to please.  He is very focused in training and confident in himself and his surroundings.

JR will be a fun dog to train and the possibilities are limitless with him, he has a great mind.  Loves kiddos and is great with other dogs he is really just a well rounded dog.

Would do well in most any home, great choice for a first time dog family or would be a fun one to train if you have experience.

Looks almost exactly like his older brother @ourlovesimba.

Adoption Fee:

JR has found his family!