Meet Our Incredible Parent Dogs

But before you do, here are a few things you should know about them.  All of our parent dogs are family companion dogs first.  They all live with either us or one of our amazing guardian homes.  We also own both parent dogs unlike many other breeders which allows us to really know the parents.

More about our Briar Bear!

Fun Facts:

  • She loves belly rubs, if you even touch her at all she instantly raises her leg in hopes of a good belly rub.

  • She is the most chill dog ever and she loves to crawl under or into small spaces to lay.

  • She can hear a string cheese wrapper opening from across the house.

  • She has the longest tongue and loves to use it to give big kisses.

  • She is the best eater, not picky at all.

Favorite Food: String Cheese.

Favorite Toy: Big ball she jumps and bumps with her head like a soccer player.

Favorite person: Daddy she is a daddies girl.

**Our incredible guardian family @onceupon3doodl

  • Perfect Health

    Our parent dogs have full genetic testing for health, coat and color traits.  They are also OFA and/or PennHip certified to ensure the healthiest puppies possible.

  • Perfect Temperments

    Our parent dogs have sound, friendly, confident and mellow personalities.  They are perfect family companions, these traits are passed on to our puppies.

  • Perfect Looks

    Beautiful parents make beautiful puppies.  Our parent dogs come from amazing pedigree, they are balanced in size and structure, have excellent coats and the teddy bear look.

More about our Cedar!

Fun Facts:

  • She likes to be touching you at all times!  If your standing she is leaning against you, if your sitting she is in your lap!

  • Is lazy she is the last one to get out of bed every morning.

  • Loves to wrestle and play with Piney, they are besties.

  • Lays under the babies highchair at dinner time she is an excellent cleaner!

  • Stares into your eyes, like the deep looking into your soul kind of stare.

Favorite Food: Antler Chews.

Favorite Toy: Anything squeaky.

Favorite person: Sissy Taygan, she sleeps with her every night and waits for her by the door for hours when she leaves.

More about our Ridge!

Fun Facts:

  • He loves to be held like a baby and with his head and legs over your shoulder.

  • Sleeps in the funniest and weirdest positions and when he is out he is out.

  • Loves to play with other dogs, and dogs of any size he is very confident.

  • He is super athletic, he loves to be outdoors camping and hiking.

  • Is a big fan of "dates" with his lady friends.

Favorite Food: String Cheese.

Favorite Toy: Rope toys.

Favorite person: His kids.

**Available for stud service, his fee is $1,500

More about our Piney!

Fun Facts:

  • She talks, not like barking or whinning but like really talking to you.

  • She has a special dance she does every morning with her Baylor Boy, they have a thing for each other.

  • She is bossy to all the other dogs puppies she is the aunty who keeps them all in order.

  • She thinks everyone is her best friend and its true everyone wants a Piney Poo.

  • She is a big lap dog, she loves to curl up in your lap any chance she gets.

Favorite Food: Cucumbers and Cantelope.

Favorite Toy: Frisbee or balls.

Favorite person: Her Baylor boy.

More about our Timber!

Fun Facts:

  • She is obsessed with babies and thinks she is the babysitter.

  • Balls are life, you rarely see her without one in her mouth.

  • She loves a good game of fetch but won't compete with the other dogs to get the ball she just sneaks in and steals it after.

  • Snow and water is her favorite, she could play in it for hours on end.

  • She is mother dog to all puppies, she will nurse anyones puppies and loves to mother them like her own.

Favorite Food: Anything, not picky!

Favorite Toy: Balls, balls are life.

Favorite person: Hayz or baby Tylee.

More about our Loxlie!

Fun Facts:

  • She is the biggest cuddle bug, she loves kisses.

  • Loves to play fetch and when there is competition she always comes back with the prize!

  • Takes after her momma Timber, she is obsessed with babies and kids.

  • When she gets up the morning she has to bring momma a present first thing, doesn't matter what it is, sometimes its a sock, a toy, anything to show her love!

  • Loves sticks, tries sneaking them in the house.

Favorite Food: carrots, string cheese, turkey berry chews.

Favorite Toy: Balls, balls are life.

Favorite person: Momma she is a mommas girl.

**Our incredible guardian family @onceupon3doodles will be raising her litters for us.

More about our Finn!

Fun Facts:

  • He is super smart, his family has to spell out words or he knows, like WALK and DATE, date is his favorite.

  • Food is the way to his heart, want to be his best friend, then feed him.

  • Intuitive, he knows when you have had a bad day and need extra cuddles.

  • He knows lots of tricks and has some serious hops!

  • When the alarm goes off in the morning he goes to each kids room to wake them up in the same order every day!

Favorite Food: Anything, not picky!

Favorite Toy: Balls.

Favorite person: Whoever has the food.

**Available for stud service, his stud fee is $1,000

More about our Harley!

Fun Facts:

  • She is full sisters and litter mates with our other momma Cedar!

  • Harley is obsessed with babies, her favorite person is her guardian families 1 yr old they are always side by side.

  • She is a sucker for a tummy rub and nudges your hand to keep going if you try and stop.

  • She is super smart and picks up training and tricks really easily.

  • She is little miss social, she loves people and other dogs.

Favorite Food: Jerky treats.

Favorite Toy: Antler Chew.

Favorite person: Presly her 1yr old human sister.

**Her amazing guardian home, our niece and nephew will be raising her litters for us.

More about our Macy!

Fun Facts:

  • Macy's momma is our first Goldendoodle we ever owned and is the only puppy we kept back from her to keep her lines going.

  • Macy is a kisser and has literally been that way since the very beginning.

  • She has the most adorable floppy ears and puppy dog face ever.

  • She is quite, calm and the biggest lover.

  • She loves to sit on the back of the couch or in the middle of all the pillows.

Favorite Food: String Cheese.

Favorite Toy: Stuffed animals.

Favorite person: Her human sister.

More about our Indy!

Fun Facts:

  • Indy and Barkley Finn man are 1/2 brothers.

  • His favorite thing to do is cuddle and snuggle with anyone willing.

  • He loves riding in the car.

  • He is obsessed with bouncy balls, he loves chasing them.

  • He loves everyone he meets humans and dogs and gets along with anyone.

Favorite Food: Rewards for potty!

Favorite Toy: Bouncy balls.

Favorite person: Everyone, but secretly mom.

**My mom and I co-own Indy he will be available for stud service Summer of 2020.

More about our Haven!

Fun Facts:

  • Haven is out of our own Momma Timber and daddy Barkley Finn.

  • Her families sister has a littermate and they get to play and be together often.

  • If you give her love and attention she will love you 10 times harder.

  •  She always has a smile on her face, she is the happiest dog ever.

  • She loves water, she will sit in the shower and wait for you to turn it on.

  • She loves to hike and walk in the mountains.

Favorite Food: She loves bones!

Favorite Toy: Her snuggle puppy, she has to sleep with it!

Favorite person: Everyone she meets!

More about ourLoki!

Fun Facts:

  • He might be tiny but he doesn't know it or show it, he is full grown at about 6lbs.

  • He is obsessed with playing fetch and his adorable ears flap when he runs for the ball.

  • Super smart, knows lots of tricks and commands.

  • Loves to be carried all over in his puppy dog sling with his momma, she takes him everywhere with her.

  • His name which means mischievous fits him well he is a little tease.

Favorite Food: Anything, he isn't picky.

Favorite Toy: Balls or anything he can play fetch with.

Favorite person: Momma.

**Will be available for stud service Summer of 2021.


More about ourGeorgia!

Fun Facts:

  • She is pretty special to me, she is out of a momma from my very first Goldendoodle and my own daddy Ridge.

  • She always has to be leaning against something or laying under something it is her favorite.

  • She is very smart and picks up new tricks and commands super quickly.

  • She loves to play with other dogs, very social.

  • Is obessed with strings on hoodies.

Favorite Food: Apples.

Favorite Toy: Balls.

Favorite person: Momma.

More about our Aspen!

Fun Facts:

  • Aspen is a total goofball that loves to play with her dog friends.

  • She loves to sneak in bed and mess up all the pillows and good luck getting her out of bed she would lay their all day if she could.

  • She is a sucker for a tummy rub.

  • She is 1/2 sisters with Macy and they both have the cutest floppy ears ever.l.

  • She loves to be outside, and sitting on top of the hot tub is her favorite place to be, she thinks she is queen of the world up there.

Favorite Food: Anyting, not picky

Favorite Toy: Any kind of bone.

Favorite person: Momma.

**She is owned by my Mom, her litters will be raised by her.

More about our Lettie!

Fun Facts:

  • Lettie is a daughter of our own Mister Rocky Ridge.

  • Lettie's has a doggy brother named Mr. Banks out of our retired momma Oaklee.

  • She loves water, seriously obsessed and never wants to stop playing in it or drinking it.

  • She talks in her sleep.

  • She loves to cuddle and having her ears brushed is her favorite.

  • Every morning she pulls out all of her blankets and spreads them all over the room the lay and cuddle on, its her thing.

Favorite Food:  Not picky!

Favorite Toy:  Her snuggle blanket.

Favorite person:  Everyone but secretly a mommas girl.

More about our Remi Roo!

Fun Facts:

  • She has no idea she is a tiny little thing, she doesn't let her size stop her from thinking she is one of the big dogs.

  • She is obsessed with Tylee our baby, follows her around and climbs up in her lap to cuddle any chance she gets.

  • Loves to tease her dog sisters.

  • She loves to sit on your shoulder like a bird.

  • Wants to be with you doing whatever it is you are doing.

Favorite Food: Anything!

Favorite Toy: .Bones or balls

Favorite person: Tylee our baby.

More about our Bella!

Fun Facts:

  • Bella is everyones best friend, dogs, people, anyone she loves everyone she meets.

  •   Super easygoing and lovable.



Favorite Food:  Anyting she loves to eat!

Favorite Toy:  Balls are life

Favorite person:  Momma.

**She is owned by my Mom, her litters will be raised by her.


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