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Sizes & Pricing



We do our best to provide approximate adult weights for each litter and puppy however it is complicated and there are lots of factors and genetics that play into it that are outside of our control.  We cannot guarantee size and neither can any other breeder out there!  Almost all breeders categorize sizes differently,  please know this when looking around at breeders/puppies, here is how we categorize our puppies these are the only sizes we breed for at this time:


Toy puppies range from 6-12lbs on average.

Petite puppies range from 13-18lbs on average.

Miniature puppies range from 18-40lbs on average.



Puppies are priced individually, price is determined by many factors.  Prices for individual puppies will be determined prior to puppy selection.  On our upcoming litters page you will see an approximate price range for each litter to give you a general idea of prices for each litter.

Toy puppies $4,750-$6,500

Petite puppies $4,000-$5,500

Miniature puppies $3,750-$4,250

These ranges are approximate, individual puppy pricing may vary. These prices are for pet only, all puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract.  We do occasionally keep back breeder picks for breeding quality puppies we will place if not kept back for our own breeding program if you are interested in this please reach out for more information.