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The best way to ensure getting a future puppy from us is to be on our priority notification list.  We do not like having a long list of families waiting for puppies, we only allow families our our list ready to adopt within the next 6-9 months and limit the number of families on the list. We are now accepting applicatins for our litters going home between November 2021 and March 2022.  The families that have been on our list longer are there by choice, most joined our list prior to the current COVID pandemic in early 2020 and have had to wait due to life circumstances having changed.

About Our Notification List

Our list is much different than most lists you see out there, families are not limited to a certain breed, litter, size, etc.  they can join as many litter lists as they would like to be on.  Our goal is to help match families with the puppy they are looking for as quickly as possible so if they are open to multiple litters we do not limit them to one.

Once on our list, here is a general overview of what our process looks like. 

If it looks like we will have puppies available from a litter after we have finalized the Litter Selection List we may open more spots after that time.  Occasionally we will have puppies available after puppy selection due to families passing, if that is the case they will be posted under our Available Puppies page.

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