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How To Adopt A
Pawsitively Perfect Pup


The best way to ensure getting a future puppy from us is to be on our priority notification list.  We have two adoption periods for list families to choose from, the first adoption period is for famlies ready to select and take a puppy home from January to June and the second is for families ready from July to December. 

Our lists for each adoption period are small and we typically take less famlies than we anticpate having puppies for to ensure list famlies preferences are met and they have the best selection possible!  

Because we keep smaller lists we will often have a few puppies available from each litter that are "Available Now" for quick adoption.



Our list is much different than most dog breeder lists you see out there, families are not limited to a certain breed, litter, size, etc.  Our goal is to help match families with the puppy they are looking for as quickly as possible.


Here is a general overview of what our process looks like. 

Step 1


Prior to Completing our online application please review our upcoming litters page to ensure we have litters coming up that meet what you are looking for.  Once you have done this, complete our online application.  Once received we will review and respond by sending over a copy of our Priority Notification List Overview & Agreement that explains everything in depth via Docusign.  Once returned we will call for a phone interview and if approved you will send in a $500 non-refundable deposit to offically join the Notification List. You are not on the list until contracts are returned, phone interview is completed and deposit is paid and confirmed received.

Step 2

Litter Notification

When a litter is born we post videos, photos and updates regularly on our Instagram page.  When our litters are approximately 3 weeks old we send out a Litter Notification email to our Priority Notification List families.  The email includes info on parents, puppies, price, go home dates, puppy selection dates and any other relevant information.  Families interested in the litter will respond if they want to join the Litter Selection List for that particular litter.

Step 3

Litter Selection List

All families that replied that they were interested in the litter will be sent an email with the Litter Selection List.  It will show the selection order for the litter based on families that replied, the list always goes in order of the date deposits were paid.  It will also include the date of puppy selection.  We will continue to post regularly on Instagram so you can watch these puppies grow and see their little personalities develop prior to puppy selection.

Step 4

Puppy Selection

Puppy Selection happens when the puppies are approximately 6 weeks old.  Prior to puppy selection all families on the Litter Selection List will be sent a Dropbox folder that contains photos, videos, temperament testing assessment videos and sheets for families to review and use to assist them in selecting the right puppy for their family.  Families will make selections during the scheduled times for puppy selection.

Step 5

Puppy Go Home Preparation & Go Home

Once families have made their puppy selection we will begin helping you prepare to bring home your new family member.  You will receive a Dropbox folder with everything you need to prepare, shopping lists, training tips, schedule information, travel information, etc.

We are located approximately 1 hour south of Salt Lake City Airport and approximately 20 minutes south of Provo Airport.  Most families fly in or drive in to pick up their puppy, however if this is not an option we have several flight nannies we work with that can assist in delivering your puppy to you!

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