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I have recently changed our policy, we will no longer be maintaining a waitlist or priority notification list.  They take away too much time from my family, dogs and puppies and really do not align with how I personally feel puppies should be placed.  Once all of our current notification list families have chosen or been notified of available puppies and litters, any puppies available after that will become available for adoption as outlined below.  If you are interested in a future puppy from us please follow the steps below, I anticipate we will have several available puppies this spring and will hopefully make it through all of our notification list that is ready by late summer to early fall and will have lots of puppies available around then for hopeful families that are ready now! 


How to Adopt your own Pawsitively Perfect Doodle!

**Before completing Step 1 thoroughly review all pages under our Info & More tab above to ensure we are a good fit for what you are looking for in a breeder and in your future puppy.

  • Notification

    Instagram is our main way of communicating with families and future hopeful families.  Prior to opening up applications for a litter or puppy I will announce there.  Be sure to turn on your notifications and add us to your close friends list.  The more you engage with us on Instagram the more likely you are not to miss an announcement so like, comment, save and share away!


  • Apply

    When we have available puppies I will announce on Instagram the date I will be opening up applications for them, this will happen well in advance.  On that date they will be posted on our Available Puppy page.  There will be an application link available to apply from there.  We will typically be opening up applications for puppies when they are around 5 weeks old.

  • Matching

    Between 6-7 weeks old we will begin matching puppies with families that have applied.  We will not do this until their vet checks and temperament testing is completed.  We want to ensure that our puppies are going to the right homes for them and their future family, this is how we can ensure their success and that they will be happy and thriving! 


I do not to "sell" puppies, I am not a puppy store you can walk into or where you add to cart and check out!  Raising puppies is not something I take lightly, I have a responsibility to my babies to ensure they are going to the best homes possible for them and their individual needs and personality I owe it to them to be their voice. I also want to help set our families up for success, matching them with a puppy that will work for them and their lifestyle is an important part of making that happen!

What if you are not chosen for the puppy or puppies you applied for?  You can always apply again and we hope you will, hopefully the next time there will be a puppy that works for you!

Check back often we have puppies all throughout the year!

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