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Meet Our Incredible Goldendoodle Studs, Cavapoo Studs and Poodle Studs

Unlike most breeders we own all of our own studs and we have a pretty impressive lineup of handsome fellas, most of which were born and raised by us!  Our studs reguarlly and consistently throw the highly desirable tuxedo markings everyone wants.  Most studs are available for outside stud service to approved breeders so long as they are not covering our own girls. 

We are located in Utah but regularly ship fresh chilled semen all over the USA! 
photo oct 22, 11 17 06 pm.png
photo oct 23, 9 36 31 am.png
photo oct 23, 8 57 23 am.png
photo nov 02, 2 11 39 pm.png
photo nov 02, 2 41 53 pm.png
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