You Get Much More Than Just an Adorable Puppy

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Health Guarentee

Puppies come with a two (2) year written health guarentee contract. Our health guarentee includes genetic health conditions, hips, eyes and hearts.  They also come with 30 days of free pet insurance.

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Puppy Assessments

We want to pair our puppies with the perfect family for them, one that will understand their individual personality and needs.  Puppy assessments are done at 3, 4, 5 and 6 weeks old prior to puppy selection.  These help us make sure families and puppies are the perfect match for one another.

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Puppies Health

Puppies are examined and receive vaccinations by a licensed Veterinarian.  They come with a Certificate of Health, copies of vaccinations and records of their health and deworming.

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We stay connected with families by doing regular live videos, posting videos, photos and stories of our puppies on Instagram.  We start the moment they are born, we want our families involved and connected with their puppies from the start.

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Each of our puppies are sent home with a lifetime prepaid AKC Reunite Microchip in their go home bag.  You will have your vet insert the chip at their first appointment  We never want one of our puppies lost.

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Go Home Package

Puppies come home with a generous go home package to help ensure a smooth transition.  It includes a snuggle puppy with heart beat and heat packs, scented blanket, toys, treats, food, records and training information.

More Information About How We Raise & Train Our Puppies

How puppies are raised and trained during the first weeks of their lives make a huge difference.  Here at Pawsitively Perfect Doodles we take training seriously, we are intentional in the way we raise and train our puppies starting from the first day they are born.  Scroll through to learn more about what we do and why we do it.  You can also check out our live videos, stories and IGTV videos on instagram @pawsitively.perfect.doodles where we regularly post videos and photos of our work & training in action!

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Early Neurological Stimulation

Early Neurolocial Stimulation is a part of Puppy Culture one of many tried and proven methods we incorporate in our training.  It is performed on days 3-16 of the puppies lives.  It is proven to to make puppies stroner, healthier, confident and overall to have better temperments and be more adaptive to change througout their lives.

Welcome to the "Dog House"

When raising and training puppies, set up is everything.  The right set up will set puppies up for success!  For years we have dreamed about and worked on plans for the perfect set up to raise and train our puppies in, in May of 2021 we officially finished and moved into our "Dog House."  The Dog House is an extension of our home, we sit on over 5 acres of amazing property with amazing views and plenty of room for the dogs and puppies to play, learn and grow.

The dog house includes 4 separate and private whelping rooms for mommas and their new babies during those first few weeks.  Once the puppies are approximately 4 weeks old they transition into the other side where we begin den training and they have a separate indoor and outdoor area and lots more room for training and play.

We also have two large training and play rooms for the puppies inside where our daily training work is done and we will be finishing up our outdoor play yard in June of 2021.  The outdoor play yard is a large fenced in yard with special K9 dog grass for outdoor training and play.

The dog house also has its own dog wash just for the dogs and puppies, its own washer and dryer, storage for all of our dog equipment, training tools, cleaning items, etc. It also has a crate wall with 12 crates built in for crate training as that is something we really work on with our puppies before they head home.

We will be uploading photos of everything soon but for now you can view a full tour in our IGTV Videos on Instagram and you can see it daily on Instagram in our stories we share daily so you can see first hand all of the training and work that goes into our puppies.

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