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Perfect Pups Don't Happen By Accident

We provide much more than just an adorable puppy!

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Setting Puppies Up For Success

How puppies are raised and trained during the first 8 weeks of their lives makes a huge difference in their future.  We are intentional in the way we raise and train our puppies starting from the first day they are born.  Scroll through to learn more about what we do, and why we do it. 

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Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a part of Puppy Culture, one of the many tried and proven training programs we incorporate in our training.  It is performed on days 3-16 of the puppies lives.  It is proven to make puppies stronger, healthier, more confident and to overall have better temperaments and be more adaptive to change throughout their lives.

We also perform Early Scent Introduction (ESI) during days 3-16 of the puppies lives it is proven to improve and increase confidence and stabilty in puppies and dogs, help with greater nose awareness and help them be more adaptive to change.

Set Up Is Everything

 We learned early on in raising and training puppies that set up is literally everything. The right set up will prepare puppies for success.  We spared no expense in building the "Dog House" which is quite literally a house for our dogs in 2021. The Dog House is an extension of our home, in addition to the dog house we have a large fully enclosed dog yard with special K9 astro turf for the dogs and puppies to safely run and play in.  Lots of thought and planning went into this build and we could not be happier with the results!  Take a tour of the Dog House and see why it is so special and unique. You won't find anything else like it out there. 

In addition to our amazing training program you get . . .

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We want our families involved and connected to our puppies long before they choose their own perfect pup.  We post videos and photos on our instagram page and in our stories almost daily for our families so they can see the training and work we put into our pups.

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Our goal is to pair our puppies with the perfect family for them.  We complete assessments on them at 4, 5 and 6 weeks old prior to puppy selection.  Assessments are videoed and included in our puppy selection folders for families to review prior to selection.

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Puppies come with a two (2) year written health guarentee contract that covers genetic conditions, hips, heart and eyes.Puppies are examined and receive their first set of vaccinations by a licensed Veterinarian.  All puppies are also microchipped. 

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For years I looked for the perfect bag to send my puppies home with. When I could not find what I wanted, I created my own!  Every aspect of our bag was designed for our families and was created to be used for years and years to come as you travel with your pup!

Our go home kit includes our custom designed travel backpack, two collapsible food/water bowls, food storage container that will be filled with their current food, a Snuggle Puppy, blanket scented to momma and littermates, Benebone puppy chew pack, our favorite toy, potty pads for travel, and our go home folder containing puppies records and lots of information for you on training and more. Check out the link below to see everything included!

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Assessments, what are they and why do we do them?

Assessments are a tool we use to help families select the right puppy for them and to help families better understand the individual needs and personality of their puppy as they prepare to bring them home.  Assessments are done at certain weeks during the different developmental stages of the puppies, we find that they are typically a good indicator of what a puppies natural tendencies are to the things we are assessing.  All assessments are video recorded and included in our puppy selection folder for families. Here is a little more information on our assessments and what we are looking for with them.

Week 4

Touch Tolerance

The first part of our 4 week old assessment is showing puppies touch tolerance while we perform our daily puppy massage following our massage we will introduce them to the nail grinder simulating clippers and actual grinding of their nails for grooming to assess their initial reaction to this.  We are looking at their level of human connection, level of eye contact, how comfortable they are with everything, how adaptive they are to change and new experiences.

Week 5

Let's Get Social

During our 5 week old assessment we assess puppies social interactions with children, strangers or individuals other than their primary caretakers and other dogs of different varieties.  We test with a few different dogs as some puppies prefer smaller less intimidating dogs and some puppies like bigger dogs or not bothered either way.  All of these things are super important to know about our puppies.

Week 6

Communication and Connection are Key

For our final assessment puppies are assessed individually on how well they connect, interact and work through several obstacles.  We are looking for things like energy level, assertiveness, following skills, recall skills, level of confidence, retrieving skills, whether they are human focused or more interested in toys and their startle response and recovery.  

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