We do not have any puppies available at this time, our next litters will be in the fall, we will be opening up applications to join our notification list around mid August for our Fall/Winter/Spring 2022 litters! Please keep an eye on our Instagram for an announcement of when we open that up!


Mini Multi Generational Goldendoodle-

Charted adult weight 26-30 lbs

July 25th-27th go home dates

Parents Aspen (32lbs) x Ridge (17lbs)

Collins is a content, happy go lucky kind of guy. He is the perfect mix between being playful and fun and chill and cuddly.  He is very sweet with kids and enjoys hanging out with the other dogs playing.

Collins would do well in most any home, he is easily adaptable if you want to play he is down for that, if you want to Netflix and chill he will cuddle in your lap.  He loves kids and other dogs but is also perfectly content on his own so he would be great for a family that has to work or be away.

Adoption Fee:

Collins has found his family!


Mini F1b Goldendoodle-

Charted adult weight 26-29 lbs

July 24-26th go home dates

Parents Loxlie (25lbs) x Barkley Finn (8lbs)

Thatcher is a real life teddy bear that looks and plays the part.  He is super sweet and chill, an old soul looking for a cuddle buddy.  He is easily adaptable to what's going on around him if you want him to be playful and fun he is good with that but is also happy to chill if that's what you want.

Thatcher loves kids and other dogs would do great in a home with either but would also be content without them.  Would do well in most any home due to his easygoing nature.

Adoption Fee:

Thather has found his family!

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