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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our program, we take great pride in our dogs and the puppies we produce, and hope that it shows in all we do. Yes, we breed dogs which technically makes us a breeder, but that is not what we are known for or what we want to be known for.  We are known for the unique way we intentionally raise and train our puppies and prepare them for success. 

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To leave a lasting legacy through our incredible dogs and puppies that impact and touch lives, heal hearts and make a difference in the lives of their families as a result of the love, care and training we provide them with.

What Sets Us Apart Even More 

Our Unique Approach That Sets Us Apart

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We are intentional in our training, incorporating some of the best techniques and methods used in the industry.  However, our main focus is using our own program we have developed over the years that is primarily focused on raising solid family friendly companion dogs.

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We are commited to the long-term success of our puppies.  We believe this is best accomplised not only by the work we do in raising and training but also by preparing, and educating our families before their puppy comes home.

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When you join our puppy family, you are also joining our amazing community of other puppy owners.  We are commited to providing a lifetime of support to our families and love staying connected.

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