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Upcoming Litters

Current Notification List families always have first option at our litters, the best way to ensure getting a puppy from us is to be on that list.  If there are any puppies available from litters after list families have selected they will be posted on our available litter page.

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Perfect Pup!

Premier Breeder of Goldendoodles, Cavapoos,Golden Cavapoos and Toy Poodles take a look at our upcoming litters below.

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Litters Currently Bred & Or In Heat

photo apr 25 2023, 1 47 40 pm.png
photo apr 25 2023, 1 44 01 pm.png
photo apr 27 2023, 9 57 44 am.png

Upcoming Planned Litters

These Mom's are not in heat yet and have not been bred.  The approximate due dates and go home dates are based upon previous litters and heat cycles for them but can change.  The stud or studs listed are what is planned but may change based upon timing.

Due between July & August with September & October Go Homes:

Maggie + Roscoe = F1 Cavapoos

Aspen + Roscoe/Splash = F1b/Multi Generational Goldendoodles

Thistle + Roscoe = F1 Goldendoodles

Sweetie + Roscoe = F1 Cavapoos

Lou + TBD = Deciding between Indy for F1b Aussiedoodles and outside Bernedoodle stud for Golden Mountaindoodles

Due between September & October with November & December Go Homes:

Tilly + Roscoe/Loki = F1bb Goldendoodles

Libby + Loki = F1bb Goldendoodles

Quigley + Hooey/Splash = Multi Generational Goldendoodles

Cozy + Splash = Multi Generational Goldendoodles

Haven + Hooey/Splash = Multi Generational Goldendoodles

Harley + Loki/Roscoe = F1b Cavapoos

Aulani + Roscoe/Loki= F1b Goldendoodles

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